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that works like magic.

We will over two solutions: SuperEasyAB (free) and ContinuousAB .
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About Ablit

An AB-Testing platform that works for you

Easy to use
A dedicated solution for Astro, that requires zero configuration. Get your first experiment up and running in minutes.
0kB JavaScript needed for Testing
You are building your site with Astro, because you care about performance and SEO. So do we.
You're variants are rendered server-side. Minimal client-side analytics (1kB) for determining the winning variant.
Privacy first
Our analytics only track data anonymously. No user specific data is stored. So there is no need for a cookie banner.
We don't use cookies, we don't use third-party services.
No flickering
The variants are rendered on the server. Typical client side AB-Testing solutions cause flickering, bad performance and a bad user experience. Ablit fixes all of this.

Start for free and upgrade when needed

Our two solutions in comparison

Pricing plan comparison



Time to set up

3 min (seriously) 10 min

Client-side javascript

minimal (>1kB) minimal (>1kB)

Multiple experiments in codebase

Continuously running one experiment after another
without lifting a finger


FREE may cost money
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