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- deployed in 3 minutes.

Ablit SuperEasyAB is a simple, yet powerful AB testing tool for Astro. It allows you to create and deploy AB tests in minutes.

3 Steps in
(probably less than)
3 Minutes


Create a free account &
define your domain

(not yet publicly available)


Install our library

npm install @ablit-lib/astro


Define an experiment, an event & deploy!

The page needs to be in SSR-mode. With Astro 2.0 you can use hybrid rendering to only dynamically render the page with the experiment.

import { VariantA, VariantB, ClickEvent } from '@ablit-lib/astro';
    <h1>The old headline</h1>
    <h1>The risky headline, you always wanted to try</h1>

    <a href="/somewhere">Subscribe now</a>

About Ablit

An AB-Testing platform that works for you

Easy to use
A dedicated solution for Astro, that requires zero configuration. Get your first experiment up and running in minutes.
0kB JavaScript needed for Testing
You are building your site with Astro, because you care about performance and SEO. So do we.
You're variants are rendered server-side. Minimal client-side analytics (1kB) for determining the winning variant.
Privacy first
Our analytics only track data anonymously. No user specific data is stored. So there is no need for a cookie banner.
We don't use cookies, we don't use third-party services.
No flickering
The variants are rendered on the server. Typical client side AB-Testing solutions cause flickering, bad performance and a bad user experience. Ablit fixes all of this.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SuperEasyAB work under the hood?

We plan to release an in-depth article about the technical details of SuperEasyAB in the future.
Short version: We hash the user's IP address and user-agent on your Astro server and based on that we divide the users into two groups.
When an event occurs (or pageview) we send the event to our server and then again we hash the user's IP address and user agent and determine in which group the user is.
In our dashboard you set targets. Events are counted automatically and you can add specific pages as targets (e.g. '/success-page').
When a target is significantly better, you will be informed via mail.

Important: We do not store any personal data. We only store the hashed address and user agent (not separately but together -> that way it is really anonymized). We do not store any cookies on the user's device.

I have a question that is not answered here.

I'd love to hear from you! Please contact me at [email protected] or write me via twitter @leonferon.